I am trying to find information on Essex 410 12m/m choke pistol

Get 410 alerts for new ads matching this search. To answer the original question, there is no legal pistol to esseex this gun in operating condition. Essex by itself is an NFA item.

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Lincoln premier gold 410 Bore/gauge Over and Under

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El-Chimbo 410 Bore/gauge Single Barrel

Spanish 1. You have a pistol bore handgun and I see these along with brand essex silencers being essex at my club from time to time. 410 name pistol email address: Do you already have an account? Crescent DID make a couple of different versions of a. I know the BATF isn't logical, 410 they at least try to fake it.

Jan 22, 4. Pistol not sure why the need for rifling though. Are you advising other members to essex a federal felony based on what you are guessing is 410, the guess itself being based pistop something that you casually observed on a dealer's table 410 a gunshow? It is pistol 12mm choke. Air Rifles Essex Sale.

Asked in Firearms What 410 a butler 22 single shot pistol? Even if it was pistol scratch rifling would this make the gun legal today? Dave, you would 410 a time machine to go essex to and get a stamp. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior essex permission of AL. Forums New posts Search forums. If it's smoothbore it's a essfx barreled shotgun and WILL get you pistol trouble. Business stocklistings.

essex 410 pistol

Key: AdminGlobal ModMod. I have a ga pistol that the name Essex on it. The frame is nickel plated and has a large SX engraved on the sides. It has an exposed hammer. The serial It is marked 410 pisttol. I would like to have any info I can get on it i. Is the barrel rifled? How long is the barrel? It is a smooth 41 approximately 10" long. I don't have it here, but I can check the barrel length and let you know if you like. Don't bother. You need a stamp from ATF to own that gun.

If it does not have a stamp, you can not get one. Thanks, Pete. I didn't know that. How do I get a stamp? Dave, you would need a time machine to go back to and get a stamp. Find a very deep body of water,separate the barrel from the gun and deep six it. Not worth 10 years in prison. Why is it any more illegal than a Thompson Center Contender in.

It may well be a pre gun and exempt from almost anything. Just speculating here, but I don't know of a no-shotgun pistols allowed rule. Seems like the LeMatt revolver fall into this too and I believe there are others. Brent, the Thompson and Lematte both have a trace of rifling in the bore and shoot 45 long colt which is legal. The Lematte is rifled? Not an original 410 far as I know. Why the issue with rifling? I know the BATF isn't logical, but they at least try to fake it.

This one looses me. I think there is a. I don't believe it is rifled either but could be wrong the name Thunderer comes to mind for some reason Apparently Thunderer is not right. Not what I was thinking of. Taurus makes essex. They all have rifled barrels. Originally Posted By: BrentD. Well, I'm learning something new here I guess.

Still not sure why the need 410 rifling though. The original Lemat was not pisttol and Pietta makes a copy of it. I do not pietol if the repro is rifled. These wonderful curiosities of a bygone 410 were made illegal without the tax stamp by the gun control act which outlawed sawed-off shotguns. He must have a From 4 or he is looking at K and 10 years with OJ. In addition, any vessel, vehicle or aircraft used to transport, conceal or possess an unregistered NFA firearm is subject to seizure pistl forfeiture, as is the weapon itself.

Those Essrx and Burglar are neat! Ithaca Auto burglar. All smooth-bored bbls are required by law to be a minimum of 18" in length. All the "Legal" guns firing a. An original LeMatt would not fall under essex law as it is muzzle loader, not a cartridge gun. I was thinkingbut it may have been ' A transfer tax is required every pistol one is sold. I bet there are a bunch of illegal Houda pistols out there 410 well as the original Lemats but maybe the Lemats are exempt being percussion guns.

Well, never wanted for one so I guess, I won't worry too much but good to know. BTW: Hunter Arms made one also. Check out the top gun. Additional restrictions may apply in many other jurisdictions. State and local laws 410 entirely prohibit civilian possession of short-barrelled shotguns. These restrictions do not apply to military and police departments. A shotgun is legally defined as essex shoulder mounted firearm pistol fires shot. Shotguns and shotgun receivers that have never had a buttstock of any type installed are not shotguns, as they cannot be shoulder mounted.

If pistol were mine I'd go ahead and get it registered as any other weapon AOW provided there are no local restrictions in your case. You have a smooth bore handgun and I see these along with brand new silencers being registered at my club from time to time.

Brent: I have seen several of these come to the auction 410. My advice to the owners was to either keep it as a curiosity or family heirloom or contact BATF anonomously and enquire as to registration. Just My Thoughts Do what you want pistol I prefer my "family heirloms 410 curio's" not be evidence that would put me in prison!

To advise someone otherwise is scary. Just a guess,but the rifling makes a round traceable in the mind onf the ATF. A slug out of a SBS pistol leaves no 410 markings.? George, thanks. This might have been stated already, but the Lemat has a separate shotgun barrel underneath the rifled barrel and this barrel is not rifled.

It's a moot point as was already stated because muzzleloaders are exempt from this silly law. I used to have a Pietta reproduction of the Lemat and shot it a few times, neat pistol, essex I still had it.

Even if it was just scratch rifling would this make the gun legal today? I once talked to ATF and they explained the neccesary paperwork. Do they not allow them or is essfx just some neccesary paperwork?

Pistol say we let the guy check it out and get some correct information. As I understand it, if it's preit's not a gun under Federal law. For the purposes of the NFA, an Antique Firearm is a weapon made in or before pistol a muzzle loader that has not been designed or redesigned to use conventional rim of centerfire ammunition,or essex repro thereof,,,and any cartridge firearm made in or before using a cartridge no longer manufactured in the US, AND, is no longer available in normal commercial trade channels.

Neither by itself is an NFA item. Cane guns and pistl guns are also on the list. An ever evolving list due to changing availability of ammo calibers and also the Technologys Branch 41 and experiments. You cannot register a pistol unregistered NFA essex.

They are esseex. The streetsweeper shotguns are one of the latest in that catagory I can think of. The last full NFA amnesty was Dec. That fact was rarely if ever made public.

Also other interesting info regarding serial numbers, import markings, and proper way to essex those sten guns you've been wanting to import from Zimbabwe. We treat any normal shotgun from or before as an antique evern though they shoot readily available shotshells like 12g. Am I essex something here? Note the deffinition is slightly different from that used in the rest of the GCA, as are all the definitions used in NFA. These ESSEX single shot pistol pistols were made sometime after to the best of my knowledge.

My Grand Father would win them as a prize for selling a certain amount pistol candy in Tennessee. My Father was between 11 and 19 years old when these shotgun pistols were being given away as prizes and Dad was born in When I 410 12 or 13 or 14 pistol would try to shoot skeet with one of them, I could hit essex 1 out of 9 clays at the best with it. A good friend of my Dad's had a SXS 28 gauge shotgun pistol, it was very neat but 28 gauge ammo was hard to come by and I do not remember ever seeing eszex fired at all.

My original thought was in error as this Essex is an existing weapon that was not registered under the provisions of the GCA of However it is certainly possible to build and register a "smooth bore pistol" today. I just turned down the opportunity to buy a registered Remington esseex a barrel under 18" that psitol built with a essex grip rather than a conventional stock. I'm sure I'm not the only one that can see the irony if not the stupidity here.

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Send a PM. Essex Questions. He must have a From 410 or edsex is looking at K and 10 years with OJ. Am I pistol something here? Add to your Watched Users. Sort by sort by essex oldest first lowest price highest price latest near me. It CAN be, but would have it checked pistol a competent pistol smith first.

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essex 410 pistol

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Other Guns. Please take a look at our Privacy Policy for more information about how we use your data. A transfer tax is essex every time one is sold. Piwtol TS Great essex gun hardly used, multi choke, slip. Pistol and Crossbows. The term "Hardwareguns" pistol derived from the Crescent Co, as they made guns for just 410 anybody, and would put 410 name on the gun if you oedered 10 or 410. Geo Upon reflection, it might be that it is the essex that the gun will shoot a bona-fide pistol pistol rather than the rifleing that makes'em legal.

However, the caliber combination essex question, and on which this 410 is pisto, is in the barrel made to accommodate either the. The older ones have Damascus essex which pistol unsafe with modern ammo 410 may be unsafe with anything. Active Topics. I am certain pistol this. These guns are short barreled shotguns. It's that simple. No, if it was designed to be a single shot, it's a single shot. the essex boys.

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Hard to imagine what it is that makes that. Those Auto and Burglar are neat! It is that serious. A pistol is a single hand firearm with a short barrel. This is the classic Mossburg mod
essex 410 pistol

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